Suzi Vitulli is a Watercolor Artist and Teacher in Richland, Washington.  

Her Love in art is Watercolor, yet 

she also enjoys Multi-Media, Alcohol Inks, and Textural Arts 

Suzi  offers local and location watercolor classes and workshops.

A beautiful painting has a way of communicating, expressing feeling, giving emotion, and so much more.

Immersing yourself in art you love can contribute to your happiness, good health, and give you balance.  It can be meditative and relaxing or it can stimulate and invigorate. In many cases it can relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.

Whether you are an art admirer or an art producer, art is a gift personal to you. When you are surrounded by art you love, it is all about you.  Spend some time in the ‘right’ hemisphere of your brain and give yourself some “you” time.

After all…“ Earth without art is just eh!”  Unknown Origin

“I’m in my ‘right’ mind and living my dream!”  Suzi Vitulli