Florals & Plant Life

Sunflowers 16×20

Sunflower 2

Beverly’s Peony

16×20 Watercolor – Chain Gang

8×10 Watercolor “Iris Peeking In


Sunflower Fading

Sunflower on the Fence 8×10 original Watercolor

16×20 Iris – End of the Iris Path

Caper Flower

Caper Berry Flowers

Aloha Anthuriums

Artichokes 2

Dandelion Up Close – 12×12

Waterlily – Self Image

Fall Coming

Green and Red Onions 8×10 original – unmatted/unframed


16×20 Grape Vines


Waterlily – I have several original renditions of this lovely lily, all different sizes, please call for prices. Original photo was taken by Photographer Wendy Sinclair.


Iris 1 – 11×15 plus frame Original Watercolor – Framed $300


Iris 2 – 11×15 plus frame Original Watercolor – Framed $300


Cactus Blossoms 16×20

Calla Hot Mess

Palm Fallen - Sold

Award Winner Palm Fallen – Sold

Full Blooms - Hydrangeas

“Full Blooms – Hydrangeas” Original Sold~17×28 artwork.  Full size framed Print Available $250


“Soft Spot”


Sunny Palms

Brunch at Inca 14×20 – Gifted to Inca


Daisies Dancing

Porcelian Berry Vine

Porcelian Berry Vine

Lily Fountain 22x22 Original Watercolor

Lily Fountain  22×22

Fall In Light 11x15 Original Watercolor

Fall In Light

Blevins/Vitulli Collaboration 22x22Original Watercolor

Blevins/Vitulli Collaboration
22×22 Original Watercolor

Swept Maple Syrup ~10x14 Original Watercolor on Aqua Board

Swept Maple Syrup

Ginger Shadows

Dip Me Darling 10x10 Original Watercolor

Dip Me Darling  10×10

Welcome Home

Callas for Fun 10x22 Original Watercolor

Callas for Fun 
10×22 Original Watercolor

Radishes – Odd Bunch