Suzi Vitulli – Artist Bio

I love bright colors! As a child I was hopelessly attracted to vibrant hues, shiny objects, and even pretty bugs.  I thought I was in heaven when my mother presented me with the beloved 64-color crayon box.  I still love playing with color, although I’ve learned to avoid some of those pretty bugs.

I wish I could claim formal training and a degree in Art and Design. I can’t, I am a self-taught artist who feels blessed with many gifts; a loving husband; three talented sons; a strong creative energy; and a passion for learning everything I can about creating beautiful art.

It’s all about the journey, right?

While raising a family, my art expression was in handcrafted jewelry. I worked with crystals, glass beads, fibers, polymer clay, and a favorite was the vibrant colored ‘Friendly Plastic’, which was all the craze in the 80’s. My jewelry designs were sold in Nordstrom’s and other fine boutiques in five western states. I continued my journey and wrote a soft cover book with my designs, named “Fast and Fancy Friendly Plastic” by pseudonym Susan Alexandra, published by “Hot Off the Press” that sold nearly 20,000 copies.

After the kids were in school, I went to work as a secretary. Not very artsy I know, but a dependable paycheck.  In my spare time I dabbled or should I say struggled with the two-dimensional arts including watercolors. I took a few classes and loved what I was learning but in trying to save money, I used the student grade paints and papers, and found myself frustrated with my results. Then after visiting my good friend and fabulous artist Chris Blevins, who let me use her “artist quality” supplies, it was like the heavens opened up and the light shown down on me. Suddenly the watercolors worked the way I had envisioned. The paints movement, texture, and transparency captivated me. I was hooked again!

In my journey, I’ve been able to take watercolor workshops and one-on-one instructions from some of my favorite artists in the world. It is an amazing yet humbling experience to immerse myself with these creative and extraordinarily gifted people. The experiences have excited and inspired me with endless possibilities that sometimes I feel I will literally explode with ideas.

Sharing what I’ve learned through teaching my own classes and workshops is important to me. I love watching fellow artists learn something new (yes we all have an artist in us). I especially love it when I see someone get that “aha” moment when they create something beautiful. That is when I get to see the magic happen as they move to their own creative drum.

I’m in my “right” mind and living my dream!

Richland Studio and favorite room in the house.

Class Set Up2

Some of my favorite artists workshops I’ve been honored to add to my education background.

Soon Warren, NWWS Workshop, www.soonwarren.com

Linda Kemp, Oahu Workshop http://www.lindakemp.com/ 

Jeanne Carbonetti, Sedona Workshop http://www.crowhillgallery.com/

Carmen Gardner, Maui Private Lessons http://www.mauiart.biz/

Beverly Fields, California Workshop http://www.reflectionsinwatercolor.com/index.htm

Allura Westly, Arizona Private Lessons http://allurawatercolor.com/index.php

Deanne Lemley, Richland Workshop http://deannelemley.com/

Karlyn Holman www.karlynsgallery.com 

Lian Quan Zhen http://www.lianspainting.com/

Carol Carter, San Pedro, CA Workshop www.carol-carter.com

Victoria Wundram – Private Lessons Maui Hawaii – www.victoriawundram.com/

Jean Haines, UK – Folsom, CA Workshop – http://www.jeanhaines.com/

Chris Blevins – Last but certainly not least my great friend and painting buddy, who keeps me on track of what I love about watercolors with her bright washes and fresh approach.  http://chrisblevinswatercolors.com/

It is always a great experience to immerse myself with these great artists, although humbling, extremely inspiring.  
Email:  suzi.vitulli@gmail.com  Phone:  509-628-6656