Artist’s Statement

I think of my artwork as wavering between impressionistic and expressionistic. I love to use texture to create movement in my art, not only movement across the page, but also into the artwork itself. I like to work intuitively letting the painting tell me where I should put the next brush stroke.

Bright colors are important to my work. I use them because they make me feel happy and balanced. I strive to create something beautiful and inviting. I hope to entice the viewer to come in and take a closer look.

My work does not focus on important political, cultural, or world events. My art is about another very important issue, happy people and a happy society. My goal is to create beautiful, colorful, interesting and sometimes funny pieces of art. It’s important to me because it gives us a place to go to find a few moments to relax into the right side of our brains for a while. A mini getaway so to speak to give us balance in this crazy busy left brained world we live in.