“Size matters when it comes to your mister”. 

Mister Bottle

I actually said that in a class I was teaching, and cracked myself up. LOL, and I turned bright red.

Back to watercolors, it’s true the size matters. If you look at the plastic hose in your mister bottle, the diameter is what determines the amount of spray. This is important to know when you are misting your watercolors.

​Fine mister = the type that comes with your eye glasses cleaner. Very light spray, good for when you want to blend an edge or cause slight movement in your paintings.

​Standard art mister = the kind you can pick up at your craft store, standard size plastic hose. Good for over all misting of watercolors, to encourage movement and blending.

​Household type mister = this is the type you use for spraying cleaners. In art, these are good for wetting your paper. They tend to be too much and too hard to control for blending and encouraging paint to move.

​Blaster mister = the kind with the largest hose, you can find these in your garden departments. These work great on the stream setting, to add in streaks of light, after you’ve finished a painting.

​Note: Practice moving your hand across your painting as you mist.