When you paint…

Screwed 11x15 Original Watercolor

Original Watercolor

When you paint and let your mind move into your right brain (creative side), it activates a side of your brain that is most often dormant in this primarily left brained world. You are literally activating the other side of your brain, and that is powerful! This gives you balance.

When you paint and you paint for yourself, it is a rare time that you are you. We are usually busy as bees making everyone happy, our spouses, our families, our peers, our co-workers, etc. We even make people we don’t know happy, we are polite, we let them go first, etc. Wouldn’t it be a terrible world it if we didn’t? So when we allow ourselves to get to the quiet place in our heads, and paint or draw or however you like to create, that is for YOU. This also gives you balance.